About us

How Off The Handle Candles was created~
Haylee and Sarah Jane first met in their country home town in 2009. Realising they had a lot of common they quickly became best friends.
In November 2017 after Sarah Jane came back from an 8 month trip around Europe and Africa, Haylee and Sarah Jane decided they wanted to hand make Christmas presents for friend and relatives. They came up with the idea of hand made candles. 
Off The Handle Candles came from this simple idea and very quickly by February 2018 the girls were selling their candles at markets and by June, had shops stocking their products.
So what is our vision?
Our objective is to make beautiful, simple, luxurious hand poured soy wax candles, with love from our home to yours. 
We wanted to deliver a candle that was environmentally friendly, ethical and sustainable. Each candle is made from recycled materials including the lids and labels. They are all hand poured with soy wax and a range of scents and essential oils. We pride ourselves in creating unique, quality products, with each batch tested and granted our tick of approval before being available for purchasing.
We value feedback and would love to hear from you! So pop your feet up, light our candles and relax the day away!